PCR-RFLP Analysis of Bovine Lactoferrin Promoter and its association with Mastitis Incidence in Crossbred (Karan Fries) Cattle


  • Alka Chopra PhD (AGB), National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana)
  • I. D. Gupta Principal Scientist, DCB Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana)
  • Archana Verma Principal Scientist, DCB Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana)
  • Vikas Vohra Senior Scientist, National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal (Haryana)


Lactoferrin Gene, RFLP-PCR, Mastitis, Karan Fries


Present investigation was carried out with the aim to analyse the polymorphism of Lactoferrin promoter region, using PCR-RFLP with HaeIII and StyI restriction enzymes, in Karan Fries cattle (KF). A total of (n=150) KF animals were included in the study to know the distribution of different genotypes in the population. Hae III enzyme revealed two genotypes viz. EF and FF in Karan Fries cattle with genotype frequency as 14% and 86%. The allele frequencies of E and F allele in KF cattle were 0.07 and 0.93, respectively. StyI restriction revealed three genotypes of lactoferrin gene promoter namely, AA, AB and BB in Karan Fries cattle having a frequency 18.67%, 76.66% and 4.67% respectively. The frequency of A and B allele in Karan Fries cattle was found to be 0.57 and 0.43 respectively. All the genotypes were studied for their association with Mastitis Incidence using Chi-Square Test, and it revealed a non-significant association at 5% level of significance.


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